Don’t take meetings. Set them.

You're never sending 1000s of emails to get a single reply - ever again. (unless you want to 👍)

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With a combination of human psychology insights, creative flair  and experience writing dozens of email sequences we can help you turn ANY* prospect into potential client

…and keep you or your sales team busy with client calls… NOT admin chores.

You share with us your target dream client profile, your current messages/emails and we suggest tweaks, tips & tricks… ( heck, we might even throw-in a pitch if you’re lucky )

Are you wicked enough to say NO to free cold email advice delivered straight from the source  

Warning: This page is deceptively honest, containing a complete lack of the usual elements any competent marketer would include to cajole you into BOOKING A CALL NOW.

Well, we might be marketers, but we’ll be damned if anyone calls us competent!

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What Are Others Saying About Konrad and
The Killer Approach?

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You have a High-ticket product or service you love dearly but it’s not getting the Recognition it deserves…You've definitely come to the right place.

You want to spread the word, on-board new clients/users and ultimately dominate your market. 🏆

What stops you are those pesky hard-to-reach prospects(aka. humans) you’re after.

They don’t want to give you a time of day, no matter what medium you use – eMail, linkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Direct Mail…and you even tried Telepathy 🔭

Well, the last one might be a bit ahead of its time – it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying! *fingers crossed* 🤞

The #1 reason small businesses struggle to scale up (or raise to power) is lack of qualified leads.

Why Does your Offer Disappear in the haystack of mediocre competition?

What you offer could seriously help your customers – so it’s not your product/service. And you think you’re reaching out to the right people, so it seems like the targeting is there.

What’s really going on then?

Obstacle 1

The Avarage B2B Prospect Is Bombarded With Marketing Messages & Ads

(How many messages do you ignore/delete each day?)

Me, you and all your prospects categorize each message into:

The Personal Pile


The Junk Pile

Obstacle 2

Your Message Does Not Pass the “So What?” Test.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

Your style is too corporate. Your message is too vague. It blends-in. It makes them yawn.

1…2…3 and they’re gone.

Harsh? Maybe, but that’s the truth.

Obstacle 3

You Pitch To The Wrong People

Do you work with *any* client who comes knocking on your door?

First you need a jot down a set of qualifiers for your *dream client*.

Focus on them, toss the rest and watch your reply % go up and up.

Industry Standard vs Killer Standard

Most cold eMails are terrible – only 1.7% response rate. Our average is 19.3%. You can clearly see why…

Killer Standard Email
Killer Standard Email

Our Stats

We’re not overly obsessed with the numbers and stats. What matters most is the results of the campaign, and our client’s ROI.

 That being said, we’re not shy – have a look at our average sending statistics across our clients.

Email Delivery
Average Open Rate
Average Reply Rate
Bounce Rate
Customer Success Rate

The 4 most common objections about Cold Emailing (and why they are false)

It's a Spam

Sending generic messages that scream marketing... INDEED a Spam

Sending a message that's personal. Message that's relevant. Message that brings value.

Is NOT a spam.

Show me the way

My Industry Does NOT respond to Cold Emails

We’ve already helped b2b clients from a garden variety of industries win more customers online.

Everything from pet memorial wholesale products (...serious stuff) to innovative tech solutions targeting some of the largest multimedia brands.

Book a free initial consultation NOW and find out how it can work for you and your industry.​

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Cold Outreach Makes you Look Desperate

Cold Email, when done right... anything BUT desperate.

Actually, quite the opposite is true.

Founders and CEOs of billion-dollar startups use it to build and grow their businesses.

I want to Scale my business

It's a numbers game (you have to be lucky)

If your copy, targeting and whole setup is simply bad, then you have no choice but to send 1000s of emails.

If, however, you know what you're doing, you just need 100s to get the same results.
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Emails can bring you more dream clients if...

Convinced? This is how you can work with us

Since we receive a lot of inquiries, we cannot accept all of them.

We only work with the businesses where we see the greatest potential for success. Here’s how it works:

Book a call

Once you scheduled the call with us, we’ll review your request.

If it meets the requirements, then you landed yourself a meeting with freebie advice.

Project Audit

First meeting is all about bringing each other up to speed and on the same page.

You can expect a couple off-the-cuff copywriting/marketing insights that should blow your mind 🙂

Project Take-OFF

If all went well, we start off with a virtual handshake and get down to business.

Together we work out a roadmap for the project, which includes project specifications, deadlines and deliverables.

What happens On Our first Meeting?

As a business owner your time is valuable. As such, we’ll make sure the you receive real actionable advice, no matter if we decide to work together or not. We’re goodhearted like that.

This is how your Unique Message is created

The Mystical 3-Step Killer Formula For Turning Prospects Into Potential Clients



We start off by nailing down your ICP i.e. ideal customer profile. Reason being, if you want your copy to work like a magnet, you need to know who you're trying to catch.


One of the biggest elements of this process is our detailed copywriting brief perfected in the process of working on hundreds of copywriting projects.

STEP 1 - Where It All Begins



Let's face it, research is mostly a fluff word these days.

In our case, however, research means looking at our previous projects similar to yours, analyzing and drawing conclusions from your copywriting brief, and finally browsing the world wide web in search for clues.

Clues like jargon words, typical struggles of your target market, or even recent important news in that particular sector.

Never underestimate a great research job.



Businesses are bombarded with messages/calls and the industry-standard reply rate for B2B email is 1.7%.


Before you sell anything you need to grab their attention….


...enough attention that your dream client actually reads the email.


This is where our secret Killer copy comes-in. Witty, humourous & concise.

STEP 3 - The Difference That Makes The Difference

Who Are the Folks Behind Killer Cold Email?

Konrad Cichawa – the Founder /  Artisan Wordsmith / Yerba Mate Addict started the agency because he saw the marketing world struggling with lack of *cojones*.

In the era of automation, AI and space travels to Mars (yeah, Elon, we’re talking about you!), it’s harder than ever before to cut through the digital noise.

Now, you need an X factor, that helps show off your company’s unique personality and make the other side do jumping jacks at the first sound of doing business with you.

The approach we take is Different – and by “different” we don’t mean “We’re desperate for a USP and “different” is the best thing we could come up with” 

We, at Killer Cold Email, very often use humor to break down the “sales” barriers.

Fun fact: “You’re 31% smarter when you’re in a positive frame of mind”

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